High Speed End Prep Beveling .450 ID to 4″ OD


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The 3hp HHB-10000 straight and right angle drive high speed hand held tube and pipe beveler produces beveled tube ends in seconds on a wide variety of tube and pipe from .450in I.D. to 4in O.D. that are ready to be welded. Set-up is quick and no clamping is necessary, the I.D. Locating Pilot quickly aligns the tool and Inserts with the tube end. As the Cutterhead, I.D. Locating Pilot and Inserts rotate at 10,000rpm the operator gently pushes the tool against the tube end and almost instantly a perfect bevel is formed and if it binds or stalls no reaction torque is generated. It can be operated as a Hand Held Beveler or mounted to the optional Track Chassis and Post Assembly that is ideal when beveling boiler tube panels and its feed stop helps ensure all tubes are beveled at the same exact height and. It bevels without cutting oils, is easy to use and its critical working width is only 2.250in wide for access to areas with limited space