Mongoose Millhog 5/8″ ID to 3″ OD


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The Mongoose is ideal for beveling all boiler tube alloys and is only 2.250in wide for accessing single tubes in a boiler tube waterwall. It can also be equipped with a boiler tube membrane removal head that removes membrane from between boiler tubes or a boiler tube overlay removal head that removes membrane as well as overlay, cladding or any other type of protection from the tube o.d
Unlike some beveling tools that require a hammer to release the clamps from the tube i.d. the Mongoose incorporates our patented clamp release mechanism that pushes the clamps down the tapered mandrel when releasing the tool from the tube i.d. This maintains clamp assembly integrity and helps prevent the possibility of them detaching in the tube. Permanently attached wrenches provide all operational needs and support maximize efficiency.

Key Features

  • Critical width 2.25in (57.2mm) for single tube “Dutchman” boiler tube repair.
  • Bevels, faces and bores stainless steel and other highly alloyed tubing.
  • Patented, self-centering, push-pull clamp and release mechanism has permanently attached wrenches.
  • Only 2-1/4″ wide.
  • Rugged with torque-free operation.
  • Powerful pneumatic motor needs only 25 cfm air flow.
  • Produces a thick chip without cutting oils.
  • Easy-to-change mandrels.
  • EscoLock blade locking system.