Tube/Pipe Tool & Industrial Supplier

Maintenance Equipment for Power Generation, Refining, Pulp & Paper, Wood Products, Food Processing, Manufacturing and Contracting

T-C Company supplies an array of tube and pipe tools for boilers, heat exchangers, chillers, and condensers. From installation and end prep to alignment and removal. Available for sale or rental.

For almost 40 years we have supplied various products to Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Pulp & Paper Mills, Saw Mills, Food Processing Plants, Manufactures, Contractors and more!

The best machining and torque or tension products in the industry. Available for sale or rental.

Specializing in Tube and Pipe Tools for Purchase and Rental

After 40 years of providing industrial tools and supplies, no one knows the needs of the industrial market more than us.

We take pride in our ability to get you what you need, when you need it!

Customer Service

T-C Company works hard to provide industrial leading support. With email, phone, and in person support, our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service, emphasizing on-time shipping and reliable stock availability.

Industry Leading Tools

You can rely on T-C Company to provide tools that are tougher than the job and are the best in the industry. We only provide high quality American made tooling to ensure short lead times and successful jobs with minimal downtime due to transportation or tool life. T-C Company firmly believes the last thing you should have to worry about is the quality of your tools.

Unmatched Resourcefulness

One of T-C Company's greatest assets is its resourcefulness, whether it's as simple as a single sight glass or gasket request, or something as big as a rotary union. With our extensive network of industry relationships we will be sure to get what you need, when you need it

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