WartHog 3/4″ ID to 4-1/2″ OD


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The Wart MILLHOG® I.D. Clamping beveling tool is ideal for end prepping all boiler tube and pipe metal and is only 2.625in wide for use in tight working environments, like beveling a single tube in a boiler tube waterwall.

The Wart has a powerful 1.25hp motor and heavy duty gear reduction system that delivers a perfect combination of speed and torque which easily handle difficult to machine pipe and tube alloys and make the Wart a favorite choice with boilermakers and pipefitters for preparing pipe and tube ends for welding.

Like other MILLHOG® pipe and tube beveling tools the Wart can bevel, face and bore simultaneously. It can also be equipped with a Membrane Head for removing membrane from boiler tube, or a Membrane/Overlay Head for removing membrane as well as weld overlay from boiler tube O.D., all while beveling the tube end at the same time.

Other popular applications include seal weld removal, tube stub removal, “J” prep for orbital welding, I.D. boring for tube rifle removal or for smoothly transitioning pipe or tube I.D.’s with different wall thicknesses to mention a few.

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  • Only 2.625in wide.
  • Powerful 1.25hp motor delivers the perfect combination of speed and torque for beveling all alloys of pipe and tube.
  • Heavy duty clamping system is ideal for limited access areas.
  • Mounts rigidly to produce a clean, continuous chip.
  • Requires no cutting lubricant.
  • Simultaneously bevels, faces, and bores.
  • Removes boiler tube membrane and or overlay while beveling the tube end.
  • Lightweight and requires no special training.
  • Efficient chatter-free cutter blade locking design.
  • Torque-free operation prevents operator fatigue.
  • Low maintenance, compact, air-powered tool or optional electric drive.