Dictator Millhog 4-1/2″ ID to 18″ OD


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The Dictator MILLHOG® bevels pipe at any angle on wall thickness in excess of 1.75in using formed Cutter Blades. Like all Millhogs the Dictator runs smooth and is made to last. The Gear Head housing is made of aircraft quality aluminum and contains a huge driven gear that is supported by two oversized tapered roller bearings.The standard drive is a 3hp pneumatic motor that offers plenty of power for the most demanding applications, like compound angle end preps. For Super Duplex and similar hard to machine alloys, we offer a torque multiplying Gear Box which decreases the rpm and increases the torque at the Cutter Blade. The Gear Box is easily attached and can also be used with the available hydraulic motor that offers even greater control of speed and torque.

One Mandrel and a combination of only eight sets of Clamp Ribs and Clamp Pads are needed to cover the entire range of 4.5in I.D. to 18in O.D. Two Tool Posts each hold one Cutter Blade and additional Tool Posts can be added for increased machining function.


  • One mandrel and 8 sets of clamps needed to cover entire range.
  • Three powerful drive motors:
    • 3 hp pneumatic straight drive motor
    • 1800 watt electric motor
    • Hydraulic motor drive with speed control
  • Available off-set gear box reduces the rpm and multiplies the torque.
  • Motor drive options are easily changed and are interchangeable with the “Commander”.
  • Self-centering draw rod actuated clamping system.
  • Wide Clamps produce superior clamping force for chatter free end preps.
  • Uses standard MILLHOG cutter blades.
  • All gear drives are interchangeable with “Commander”.
  • Fully portable for on-site and shop work.
  • Available for sale or rent