Portable Boring Bars


Our range of machines represents the world’s most advanced technology for on-site boring capability, incorporating leading engineering and cutting edge features for safe, reliable and accurate cutting. The series (formerly known as the Boremaster series) is comprised of six machines that cover an impressive 1.5″ to 64”(38mm-1625.6mm) diameter boring range standard with up to 96” (2438mm) optional. The assortment includes both push-pull and screw driven feed types. These two styles cover an expanded range of on-site boring applications including mining and construction equipment, turbine machinery, hydroelectric power and ship building.

Ridged Feed Screw Machines

The ridged feed screw driven portable line boring machines are capable of boring from 4″ to 64” (102mm-1625.6mm) in diameter. Custom boring/facing heads are available up to 96” (2438mm) and bar lengths up to 24ft (7.3m). A unique coupling arrangement is available for easy extension to meet special length requirements. This proven design allows the support bearings to be securely attached to the boring bar providing a rigid vibration-free set-up.

Push-Pull Machines

The push-pull machines are capable of on-site repairs from 1.5″ to 24″ (38mm – 609.6mm) in diameter. They are rugged, compact, easy to use and affordable. Their rigid and operator friendly design enables an inexperienced operator to machine a smooth accurate bore with the same precision as an experienced veteran.